Life under Covid-19 lockdown: to go out or not to go out that is the question

In Wuhan and some other Chinese cities, residents are forbidden to leave their homes as strict measures to curb the Covid-19 epidemic. What is it like to be forced to stay at home?

A crying boy who could not wait to go out to “play” with the viruses

This cute boy told his mom: “It is really not a good thing if you don’t let me go out to play.”

His mom said: “But there are viruses outside.”

Boy: “I cannot see any viruses. I cannot wait to play with the viruses.”

An old man got arrested for going out to get some sun

Two policemen threw an old man into a van after catching him getting some sun outside.

Cover photo: when shoppers went out, they saw policemen carrying a gun in a supermarket in Ercheng City in Hubei Province

The photo was dated Monday, Feb 17.
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Feb. 18, 2020