New CCP Regulations on Ecological Governance of Network Content

Author: VOG-Translation-Team-LittleAnt

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published a new regulation in regard to the internet ecosystem on December 20, 2019, which will enter into force on March 1, 2020. It shows how CCP suppresses information.

This regulation advocates following internet contents: (i) Xi’s thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; (ii) CCP’s theory, policy, and decision; (iii) highlights of economic and society (iv) core value of socialism and positive vibes (v) guide for people to reach consensus on social issues; (vi) the international influence of Chinese culture; (vii) other content which is good for maintaining a stable society.

The regulation forbids any internet contents which are harmful to the country’s image, honor, security, and sovereign, twisting heroic spirits, promoting extremism and terrorism, advocating hatred and discrimination between peoples, damaging CCP’s religious policy, and etc. 

CCP is legalizing what they have long been acting to Chinese people – suppression and repression. If CCP thinks your content on the internet is bad to the regime, they will detain you and punish you by law. This is a further step depriving people’s freedom of speech and expression.

Eventually, the whole internet and media will be full of CCP’s propaganda. Look at how stupid this propaganda could be. The article attached is advocating doctors and nurses across the country to go to the front line – Wuhan. It says this nurse just gave birth to a twin 20 days ago and the twins asked their father: “where did mommy go”? How could 20-days old children speak? 

Although CCP is trying to brainwash everyone, it is the nature of people to be suspicious and looking for the truth. If enough people make the same voice at the same time, the regime couldn’t detain everyone and make this voice disappear. 

Look at what happened when the information of the death of Doctor Li Wenliang (the whistleblower of the deadly COVID-19) was released: the internet spread the news quickly and more than 1 billion users on Weibo and WeChat saw the news within 24 hours. 

CCP came up with seven suggestions in containing this tremendous internet event: 

  1. Acknowledge Doctor Li’s contribution to preventing the epidemic
  2. Local government to make an announcement 
  3. Delete all “fake news” in a timely manner
  4. Reduce people’s negative emotions by responding to their pursuits quickly
  5. Gradually return to work outside Wuhan
  6. Publish “good news” related to the COVID-19 and attract people’s attention to other matters
  7. Keep calm and be consistent

Many Chinese are fighting to get through the great firewall, smuggle the truth of Communist China outside. One day the firewall will be torn down, that day is coming and we will take the regime down.

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1 year ago

how did you determine it would be June 4?

Anyway, you are doing a great job. Wish there was anything I could do to help. Help my friends in China.


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