Wuhan Completely Locked Down From Feb 17

Author: VOG-Jinglechenge


As the number of coronavirus infected increases daily, the quarantine restriction in China is getting tighter.

Today 2/17/2020, the toughest quarantine restriction thus far is imposed among the two most affected cities: Wuhan and Xiaogan. The video captured the process of one man being under the police’s brutal control and the background voice which tells us that anyone who dares to step out of their apartment will be detained for 7 days. 

If we go back to 2/11/2020 00:42 AM ,we will find that City Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Prevent & Control Headquarters made its 12th announcement on the lockdown of all communities. Notice that all announcements were made at midnight including coronavirus related death toll and the whistleblower Dr. Li’s death. This is CPP’s media control strategy to purposely sleep away the public responses.

After a lengthy CCP style politically right nonsense, file #12 finally said more layers of lockdown will be enforced. All communities will be locked down; each apartment building will be locked down in its own neighbor community; each apartment cell will be locked down in their own building; everyone will be locked down in their own apartment. Any violation will be fiercely punished.

If we go further back to earlier February, we find that one member from each family was permitted to get groceries every other three days. But now this allowance is gone, completely.

Then here comes the dilemma. How do the confined public get their daily supplies? This is what we will see in another video. Each family ordered their food supplies on their phone, then these supplies got delivered in buckets. At first sight, you may think that they are playing a comic, ridiculous and laughable. But the video shooter tells us that “no, this is the reality!”  It’s actually happening in Wuhan, right now!

How many communities are in the whole Wuhan city? Then how many apartments? How many families? How can so many people be served? This is just a six-story apartment. What about those who live in skyscrapers? Everyone with a reasonable mind can think his/her own.

This is the true part of CCP. At first, lie, then hide, then use nonhuman approaches to try to annihilate all its previous wrongs. But it is the public who suffers. Always.

We are fighting for a country with no CCP, a country to breathe freely, to walk freely with no CCP, to speak freely. It’s the CCP that needs to be locked down and annihilated.

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Feb. 17, 2020