Covid-19 is causing suicides in China

There have been quite a lot of reports of Covid-19 patients committing suicide on Chinese social media. Due to deliberate coverups by the Chinese government and overwhelmed hospital resources, many patients were denied diagnosis of Covid-19 or medical treatment. Some patients ended their own lives out of desperation. The in-home quarantine and the death of family members also took a toll on the mental health of people who were not yet infected by the virus.

A video of a suicide committed during Covid-19 epidemic:

An old lady was saved by passersby while she was attempting to commit suicide:

A bloody video of a student who committed suicide

(Warning: the video may be too bloody for some people)

WeChat screenshots talking about a student in “Hengshui School” who committed suicide.

“They are processing the body.”

“Rest in Peace.”

“The parents in their chat group are talking about it.”

“They sent a video.”

A girl reported on Weibo that her mother committed suicide after contracting Covid-19

On Feb 3rd, 2020, (I) reported a suicide case at Gutian Two Road in Qiaokou district to a community (hospital) without getting a reply but was only asked to wait.

On Feb 1, 2020, (I) called the emergency number because (my mother was) having trouble breathing. (She was) sent to the hospital without getting taken care of.

On Feb 2, (She) returned home but was dying.

On Feb 3, (she) became desperate due to a lack of medical treatment. She slashed her own wrist at 10 AM at home.

Now, I was given (by the government) ¥1500 (1500 Chinese Yuan=215 USD )

My name is Ronggui. This is absolutely true!!!

This is my mom’s last words for me…, the 2nd picture is her ID card. The 3rd picture is her death certificate.

My name is Guirong, 41152119960227****, I ask the government to look into this!!

My name is Guirong. My father died in a car accident in 2008. My mom, the only person I could rely on to survive, passed away at home at 10 AM on Feb 3, 2020. I was telling the truth. Here is my ID card. Now I am an orphan and I am not afraid of anything.

There was no place for me to file a complaint before. I am willing to accept any punishment if there is anything untrue. I hope the government can give my mom an explanation!!

As far as my mom’s cause of death is concerned, let me explain why it was written as “acute respiratory failure” on her death certificate. When I opened the door, I saw blood everywhere. So I called 120 but was told by 129 that there was no ambulance available until two or three hours later. So I called 110. The 110 forensic doctor came and said that it was an attempted suicide. The acute respiratory failure from pneumonia took her life. My community (hospital) refused to issue a death certificate, but the forensic doctor insisted on having the community (hospital) issue it. After having waited for over ten hours, I finally found a community (hospital) to issue a death certificate. Then I had to wait twelve hours for a car from a funeral home.

No matter how hard it is going to be, I will file a complaint!!! I need an explanation!!! I found my mom’s last words on her phone’s memo:

I hope you can go through this safely and have a good life in the future. Don’t dream unrealistic dreams but to have a calm and simple life. I have two banking accounts and I also leave you with (erased). Please marry someone who is kind to you. There is no perfect marriage. What’s important is that he loves you. Don’t have pets but take good care of yourself.

I am not in good health and I have been worried about becoming a burden for you later on. So, I tried my best to save money (for you). I have no regret if I die. My only regret is that I cannot see you get married and I feel guilty for contracting the virus.

[Feb 19, 2020] Follow up: Guirong cleaned up her Weibo after GNews reported her story. We hope she is OK. We hope her story can bring more attention to the victims of Covid19.

The longer the CCP’s coverup continues, the more people will die.

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Feb. 18, 2020