The Farm: The Nature of the Biological Threat

The following video broadcast this morning (February 17th) live on Epoch Times goes into great detail to describe the current biological warfare event taking place on the mainland of China — largely in the context of old Soviet and Chinese invasion plans for the United States. In it, the host of The China Report, Joshua Philipp, interviews J.R. Nyquist — an expert on Soviet weapons programs as well as Communist subversion. This is an excellent article from Mr. Nyquist on the nature of the ruthlessness being employed by the CCP.

The CCP wants America on its knees. They want to become the masters of the earth. They are ruthless in their methods, and do not care how many people will die. The CCP is a totalitarian party employing totalitarian methods. They have killed tens of millions in labor camps, with firing squads and other forms of capital punishment. The leaders of the regime are mass murderers who have trampled down the Chinese people.

How to Deal With the Chinese Communists

They weave a complex historical series of events — including the Zimmerman Telegraph (37:39), which was (at its core) a 1917 request from Germany to have Mexico invade the Southern United States.

An important part of the discussion doesn’t occur until approximately 40 minutes in — at which point they go into greater depth on the “Assassin’s Mace” program — a surprise attack platform composed of multiple types of new weapons used in combination. These platforms include advanced biological weapons — EMPs triggered by low-orbit nuclear detonation — and a simultaneous amphibious landing assault. The most pressing problem with the CCP’s current plan for something like an amphibious landing in the United States is that the interior of the country is heavily armed. The second problem is that there are simply too many people for any occupying force to maintain control over — and the CCP is well aware of this. In fact — The China Report claims that the CCP still maintains smuggling routes into the United States for the express purposes of delivering biological or nuclear weapons to this day — in part by exerting immense control over illegitimate clusters of society like the Triads.

China’s Threats for Biological Warfare Exposed, February 17, 2020
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Feb. 17, 2020