CCP like a love rat hooks on playing with love

According to a footage published on YouTaker on Feb. 16, no sooner had Violet Home Textile Co., Ltd resumed work than there was a suspected Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia case. All workers were quarantined and the boss took full responsibility.

Why did the compay’s boss take the high risk of resuming wok in such a crisis situation? Let’s take a moment to look back.

Given the current outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, Lian Weiliang, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission said at a press conference on Feb. 3 ,stating that

“We will support enterprises to resume production of face masks and protective suits, and organize production capacity and prepare raw materials at a scale of more than one times to start increasing production and supply. Enterprises don’t need to worry about future overcapacity, after the epidemic, the government collected and stored surplus output. As long as the material production meets the standards, the enterprise can run at full capacity to organize production.”

Therefore, all local governments have also issued timely production requirements to textile enterprises in the region. According to China TexTile on Feb. 14, a group of home textile enterprises were ordered to take immediate actions to adjust the production line in time to produce medical or civil protective suits, protective masks and other emergency materials.

Violet Home Textile Co., Ltd. was one of them and responded to the “call” of the local government to coordinate the import of mask machines, purchase fabrics, accessories and actively prepared to switch product lines.

According to a report of JSChina on February 8, Zhuang Zhongqiu, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Nantong Municipal People’s Congress and Deputy Secretary of Nantong Party Committee, has been to Violet Home Textile Co., Ltd, taking an “inspecting” tour and pointing out that the company owner should be a good “gatekeeper” to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic.

At this time, enterprises that are already suffering from hardship have to shoulder the responsibility of “goalkeeper” of the government in addition to risking to switch production of epidemic prevention products.

The CCP government is just like a love rat when a woman meets him, she will be in trouble for generations for his “No initiative, No rejection, No responsibility” policy.

Now, she is pregnant, where is he?

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