Stinky Sewage Liquid, Dust and Stains: Poor Sanitary Condition in Tuen Mun Hospital Dormitory

Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun Hospital is notorious in the medical sector for being “hellish”, especially for their nurse’s dormitories.

During the coronavirus outbreak, many medical workers decided to move into the hospital dormitory provided by the hospital, in order to avoid infecting their family members after coming into close contact with coronavirus patients.

However, the living condition of the dormitories provided by the hospital is far below the standard.

According to medical staff, stinky sewage liquid in black came out from the water faucet in the washroom for at least 10 minutes. The stained-filled mattresses, countertops, floor tiles and rugs were covered in dust.

The poor sanitary conditions in these dormitories showed a lack of maintenance and cleanliness over a long period of time.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 17, 2020