CCP Forces Student to Donate Money to the Corrupted Red Cross

Author: VOG-Translation-Team, Jinglechenge

On land with the CCP epidemic raging, all kinds of unreasonable things happen every day. Having been brainwashing for so many years, the public rarely raises a question. Even though there’s a doubt, no one speaks up.

But the Coronavirus starts to wake up people, one by one. First Dr. Li, and now a group of college students.

In the following photo, one can clearly read that there’s mandatory money collecting on Wuhan Donghu university campus. Each student must give 50 yuan, and each rank official gives 10000 yuan. This is equivalent to a mandatory withdrawal from everyone’s account. Someone claims that they are Coronavirus victims and argued about the legitimacy of this approach.

Force donation, each student 50 RMB

This reminds us that less than a week before, Canton provincial people’s congress passed an act of mandatory requisition of personal properties, including facilities, equipment, and supplies in the name of epicenter prevention and control. There must be some owners who know this is illegitimate and unfair. But being afraid of settling accounts after autumn harvest, no one dared to fight for their own right.

What made me more shocked is that, the force donate acceptor is China’s Red Cross, which is run by Vice President Wang Qishan. While according to Miles Guo, Wang is a Chinese top kleptocrat who has stolen more than 1000 billion USD from China.

Moreover, China’s Red Cross has a reputation that it has problems to distribute the donations to those who need them. Why the students are urged to donate their money to this kind of organization?

Longing for a land of giving freely, it’s time for us to unite together and be strong to defend ourselves against the CCP regime.

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Feb. 17, 2020