Doctor Expose: Hospitals Don’t Distribute Medical Supplies To Field Workers On Purpose

Author: VOG-jinglechenge

Tons of medical supplies have been donated from Chinese (inside and oversea) and foreign countries since the coronavirus outbreak. But in the meantime we constantly hear the cries and complaints from the field doctors and nurses for the shortage of these resources and lack of protections.

One may ask, where are these donations actually gone? The following audio record (alleged to be from a doctor) tells you that these supplies are all stockpiled in CCP’s warehouse for its political propaganda shows.

The text conversation says: field doctors in Xiehe Hospital are working without protection.

Whenever needed, they will display all these medical equipment in front of leaders and journalists for picture taking or videotaping. In this way, CCP tells the world that they have enough and are capable of solving the problem. Neither these supplies were allowed to be distributed to benefit each individual doctor or nurse, but also not sold for profit. If CCP sells them, the general public will benefit at least. Now and as always, CCP would rather risk lower class people’s lives for their political welfare. The audio record also tells a similar case that happened several years ago. When the farmers, about 60 to 100 km away from central Beijing, suffered from a flood, the government authority purposely held off the food supplies, watching and starving the villagers. Each one of the villagers only received 2 bags of instant noodles, and that’s all. For not having food for many days, those people looked for muddy rice mixed with sand and dirt to survive. What a nefarious government! All lies. It takes people’s lives at will. In the period of this urgent pandemic time, we urge CCP to turn down their firewall, publish all epidemic information, accept American researchers and doctors’ participation. This is the only way to save China, to save the world.

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Feb. 14, 2020