Reopened factory shutdown in one day due to Covid19 infections

The Covid19 epidemic is still in full swing, but many factories and enterprises across China have been asked to resume production at the request of the Chinese government in order to maintain the country’s economy. Unfortunately, some factories had to close just after one day of operation due to viral infections among their workers.

A company in Chongqing recently had its workers back, but only to find an incident of cluster infections. To make matters worse, the company’s building had to be closed for quarantine.

According to Chinese media reports, Pangang Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. in Banan District, Chongqing, suffered from a clustered infection, because “the management failed to follow the city’s epidemic control requirements after returning to work”, resulting in 2 confirmed diagnoses and 1 asymptomatic positive infection. A total of 131 people were in close contact with the infected.

The report pointed out that the company has halted production and the entire building is blocked in quarantine. Other companies located in Banan District in Maliu Yanjiang Development Zone also started self-inspection for epidemic prevention and control.

Source: Internet

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Feb. 14, 2020