Journalist: Why Hong Kong Medical Staff are In Inferior Protective Gown Compared to the Police?

A building in Tsing Yi housing estate had to be evacuated after 2 residents had contracted the novel coronavirus.

The frontline medical staff at the scene were wearing the half-transparent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suit while the police were donning the more secured Tyek coverall.

Photo credit: Stand News

In a press conference held by the Department of Food and Hygiene and the Hospital Authority (#HA) journalist asked why medical staff, who have to be in close proximity with the potential infected, were in inferior gear compared to the police officers who only had to stand guard at the building.

The representative from HA claimed “there were different procedures with different departments. I am sure not what their risk assessment is. I only know that our procedure is up to standard”.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 15, 2020