CoronaVirus Breakout: Waiting for Death or Upholding Justice

Author: VOG-文紫

In consideration of domestic economic and political stability, the spokesman of the Communist Party of China, Zhong Nanshan, publicly issued a statement that there will be an inflection point in the number of cases of coronavirus infection after the 15th of the first lunar month, calling on the people to return to the city to work on a rolling basis. The masses who are ignorant of the truth and facts, under pressure from loans and maintaining their livelihoods, embarked on their journey back to the city. Looking at the working crowd with solemn expressions in a crowded subway station, I just can’t help worrying. Compared with local economic stability and foreign exchange earnings, employees’ lives are worthless,we are just Chinese chives to be harvested. Local enterprise who was like the dumb man-eating the bitter herb had to suffer in silence. In the face of the government’s demand for resumption of work, they must not only strictly implement the control measures for epidemic detection and isolation but also bear the corresponding risks and costs.

In a call between President Xi Jinping and President Trump, Xi Jinping claimed that the epidemic would end by April. This is a statement from the highest authority of the country, but it is also an extremely irresponsible public commitment. I don’t know where the scientific and self-confidence of this conclusion comes from, but because of the high level of trust in the president of the ordinary people, many people will get to work in May. I really don’t know how many people will lose their lives and what kind of epidemic crisis it will cause.

Faced with the spread of the epidemic and the ordinary people in misery and suffering, many companies, powerful people, and so-called medical experts and scholars have used the people’s eagerness to cure the disease to make a fortune. What’s even more outrageous is that the People’s Daily Weibo announced that the Chinese patent Shuanghuanglian could inhibit the new coronavirus. Many people who listened to official rumors have relaxed their vigilance and lost the opportunity to cure.

In order to control the spread of the epidemic, the American pharmaceutical company Gilead disclosed the molecular formula of Remdesivir to the Chinese government after curing a patient with a new type of coronavirus in the United States, but Wuhan Virus Research Institute registered the patent first. This is a robbery under broad daylight, an ignorance of shame and ingratitude in the face of the temptation of interest. He turned around and announced to the Chinese that this medicine was a result of his research and development. It is also incredible that the price of the imported drug was 2 cents per 100 milliliters, but the price the Chinese government sold to Chinese people turned out to be 35,550 yuan, and the price had increased by 253,928 times.

On January 26, 2020, published an article and video proactively stating that the coronavirus that erupted this time was a synthetic biological weapon, clearly stating that it was made and deliberately released by the United States. The Chinese Communist Party has used the asymmetry of people’s information to stir up the flames in the country and promote national hatred and patriotic enthusiasm. Many people’s patriotic enthusiasm was quickly ignited, and a short video was posted on TikTok to promote this message. However, when the ugly behavior that CCP deliberately reversed the black and white and fabricated the facts were known and taken seriously by the United States, he quickly deleted the relevant information, and also directed the rumor accusations to ordinary people with unknown truth. My fellow citizens, can’t you see it yet? He treats us like pigs and dogs!

In my opinion, the spread of Wuhan viral pneumonia is also a concealed, ulterior motivated and well-planned scam. In terms of time, the Chinese Communist Party has begun to prepare for the virus epidemic in Wuhan as early as the second half of 2019. During this period, the CCP avoided mentioning the virus epidemic, tried to conceal it, deliberately delayed the time, and let the epidemic spread. At the end of 2019, public opinion in Wuhan pneumonia continued to swipe the screen, and the official began to confirm that 27 cases were actually found. At this point, the scale of the epidemic has begun to take shape. On January 1, 2020, the CCP controlled the public under high pressure, and eight insiders, including Dr. Li Wenliang, were investigated and punished for the unfounded crime of spreading rumors. On January 9, 2020, the pathogen was officially identified as a new coronavirus. Officials announced the so-called first death on January 11. On January 14, the WHO and the Wuhan Health and Health Commission stated that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. On January 17, an official circular in Wuhan stated that human-to-human transmission was on a certain degree. On January 18, a community in Wuhan organized a dinner for more than 40,000 families. On January 19, the official notification in Wuhan did not rule out the possibility of person-to-person transmission, but the risk of continuous person-to-person transmission was low, and “preventable and controllable.” Until January 21, 2020, the peak period of the Spring Festival is about to pass, Zhong Nanshan said in a live CCTV news interview that the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is a positive human-to-human transmission. At this time, Wuhan, as an important transportation hub, has almost completed its mission for the virus to spread throughout the country. It can be seen that the accuracy of the CCP’s official control over the timing of the release of the truth. In terms of geographical location and climatic conditions, Wuhan is not only a large land, water and air transportation hub in the country but also the air is warm all year round. It is an excellent location for virus breeding and transmission. Moreover, the Wuhan government caused panic among the people by announcing that the city was about to be closed, which caused hundreds of thousands of Wuhan citizens to flee. These people, who were scared away by the government, also carried the virus to various provinces and regions around the world while fleeing. A careful analysis of the migration map of the near-term dates of the Chinese population reveals that there are still many municipal governments, such as Chengdu and Chongqing, who are still allowing the inflow of Wuhan’s population. This is the second man-made epidemic in Wuhan. From this, we can see that this is a big plan that the CCP has deliberately arranged. Now, the pneumonia epidemic is out of control. The medical resources throughout the country are seriously inadequate, and government agencies are generally silent. However,the Chinese Communist Party not only withheld medical facilities and aid from foreign companies and organizations but also refused WHO and the United States CDC to enter China to investigate viruses and medical assistance. Did you see that, aren’t they the devil who lied to us, hurt us, performed for us, and tried to keep us waiting to die?

Dear fellow citizens, our state(in propaganda: country or motherland) is in the hands of a government like this. In their eyes, apart from money, sex, and illegitimate children and their lingering lives, we are nothing more than a machine they enslaved, a puppet being manipulated, and a body waiting to be removed from the kidney. We are in an inhuman situation today if we don’t strive to fight and resist, the future of our children will be even crueler and ruthless. Stand up, my fellow citizens, we have to depend on ourselves for our fate and future. Rather than starve to death at home or risk going to work to death, it is more meaningful to overthrow CCP. Stop fantasy, stop cowardice, stop indifference, and we can definitely overthrow this abominable party!

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Feb. 13, 2020