Miles Guo: Best ways to solve the outbreak in Wuhan. What are the next hardest-hit cities in China? Gasification of the dead bodies

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on Feb 12.2020

Miles Guo shared what he thought was the best way to solve the outbreak in Wuhan.

What are the next hardest-hit cities in China?

More than 5,000 doctors and nurses have died in Wuhan.

The CCP changed the method of cremation to reduce sulfur dioxide levels to cover up the true death toll. All the crematoria in Beijing are under transformation.

Shanghai, Anhui, and other cities have now implemented a new regulation on network management. It is called “Three Not Allowed.” No one is allowed to discuss and disseminate the situation of the patients. It is not allowed to send information about outbreaks and related information to overseas and banned any overseas media from getting any information from the epidemic area.

The multinational companies are accelerating their exit from the Chinese market.

Within just a few months, the kleptocrats have laundered hundreds of billions of dollars!

US,China and the myth of global decoupling. The WTO, World Bank, Nasdaq, Euronext, and the gold market will break the ties with China.

China is the second strongest economy in the world, but it is the only country that is without social security and pension funds!

Governments from all over the world want to find out the truth about coronavirus!

All the western military forces are beginning to engage in a comprehensive private communication to prevent the communist party from committing the stupidest actions against Taiwan and Hong Kong and surrounding countries.

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Feb. 12, 2020