CCP is a satanic cult spreading virus to avoid bad luck; New virus detection lab called “Fire Eye” opens in Wuhan


According to China State Media, a new virus detection lab, built by centrally-administered State-owned enterprises in Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, will help the region to speed up testing for novel coronavirus infection, according to information released by the country’s top state assets regulator.

The CCP is a satanic cult

The Wuhan viral attack is shrouded in superstitions including its plan, timing, and execution.

Plan: the location of the Wuhan P4 Lab was carefully chosen over ten years ago to break a curse according to some information exposed by Miles Guo.

Timing: this year is the Chinese Year-of-Genzi, which occurs every sixty years, believed by many especially the CCP to be a bad luck year with past occurrences of war, famine and natural disasters. Somehow, the CCP believes that it can survive this bad luck year by inflicting great pain and suffering as they did sixty years ago through the Great Chinese Famine, which killed ten million people. The CCP also believes that “great humanitarian disaster can revive a nation”, and the regime has been brainwashing people with slogans like “Much Distress Regenerates a Nation”.

A book cover: Much Distress Regenerates A Nation – Documentary for Top 10 Disasters in China in the Past 30 Years

Executions: with limited information we got from Miles Guo, we only know so far that the two new hospitals in Wuhan were named “Fire God Mountain” and “Lightning God Mountain” to follow a superstitious naming convention with a theme of “fire and lightning“, in order to break a curse believed by the kleptocrats like Wang Qishan, the Vice President of China. Now the newly constructed testing lab also has “Fire” in its name.

But still, it is mind-boggling to think that the CCP planned a viral attack over ten years ago when it constructed the P4 Lab in Wuhan! And now the CCP is just carrying out its destructive plan.

“Human sacrifice”

The female patient who contracted Wuhan coronavirus in this video realized that she became a victim of a socialist-virus without knowing that she became a “human sacrifice” for a devil-worshiping cult under the name of “socialism”.

“Fire Eye” Covid-19 detection lab

The lab, named “Huoyan” (fire eye in Chinese), was jointly built by the local government, central SOEs and other institutions. It has a floor area of about 2,000 square meters and is designed to test 10,000 samples per day. It was put into operation last week, said the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

“Fire Eye” Lab in Wuhan to test Covid-19

The commission said that the lab will help provide Wuhan and its surrounding cities with sufficient testing capabilities.

Construction began on Jan 29, according to the Second Harbor Engineering Co, a subsidiary of State-owned China Communications Construction Co. Nearly 300 workers participated in the construction using more than 20 vehicles.

Schneider Electric China supplied two sets of Galaxy VM series three-phase uninterruptible power equipment and sent experts to assist the operation of the new 24-hour-working lab in Wuhan.

To meet the lab’s needs, Schneider Electric deployed these uninterruptible power supplies from Changsha in Central China’s Hunan province, and shipped them to Wuhan with a team within one day, the statement said.

Since the testing equipment requires a continuous power supply for 24 hours to improve detection efficiency, and demand high operational stability and reliability, the team completed equipment installation overnight and will stay on-site to ensure the lab’s uninterruptible power supply.

Schneider Electric said it will respond to the further needs of the “Huoyan” lab and provide continuous operation and maintenance support.

The CCP’s satanic twist

This new virus testing lab sounds “normal” but ironically there is a satanic twist in almost everything the CCP does. Who would imagine that the CCP could turn kindergarteners into their sex slaves and even the name of the kindergarten “Red Yellow Blue” bears some devilish meaning?

This sexual abuse case got nowhere due to the censorship of the Chinese government until Miles Guo identified the CCP cult behind it.

The world somehow turned a blind eye on all the CCP’s crimes until the viral attack in Wuhan.

In case you wonder why the CCP dared to launch such an attack, our tolerance of their crimes perhaps made them reckless. The world is paying the price for not taking any actions against the CCP. The longer we delay, the higher the price we will pay.

The CCP’s enablers around the world

China has fallen into the hands of a satanic cult led by Wang Qishan and enabled by some elites and dictators around the world. For example, the irrational stock market new highs during this epidemic were orchestrated by the CCP and its enablers.

The fake news in the west is bought or threatened by the CCP, so they are still downplaying the severity of the Wuhan epidemic.

Pandora’s Box — the CCP version

Miles Guo has been exposing the despicable crimes committed by the CCP for three years.

When he just revealed a small part of “Pandora’s Box”, it is already hard for “normal” people to fathom:

  • the CCP’s pedophile ring in places like kindergartens and the practice of yab-yum (Miles Guo possesses videos evidences)
  • the Wuhan coronavirus attack (the world is witnessing it now)
  • what else??

Maybe the Wuhan viral attack will finally make the world realize the evilness of the CCP and cut their ties with these criminals and bring them to justice!

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Feb. 12, 2020