Guo’s Remark in 90 Seconds: How does the CCP govern the coronavirus epidemic?

With the whole world watching, the CCP is determined to carry on dealing with the coronavirus epidemic by means of policing, gangsterism and fraudulence.

What means has the CCP used to control the epidemic?

No mask. No medicine. No specialist. What the CCP has used are arms, propaganda and crematoria.

The police were videoed detaining people arbitrarily, beating civilians ruthlessly and driving people to commit suicide. It is noteworthy that the policemen generally come from humble backgrounds rather than from any CCP elite families.

The CCP propaganda represented by the China Centre Television (CCTV) has been lying about the coronavirus as controllable, defendable and treatable. Accordingly people must be self-confined at home by all means and wear masks whenever going outdoors necessarily.

Contradictory to the CCP officially released death tall, the 51 crematoria in Wuhan have been in operation around the clock since the lockdown. Based on an interview with the cremators, about 30,000 have been incinerated. Among them, 80-90% died of the coronavirus contagion. In Beijing, this figure is at least 1,000. Days ago, a satellite image was published on the internet showing alarming sulphur dioxide (SO2) levels around quarantined Wuhan. It was claimed to be a sign of mass cremations.

Why is the SO2 level in Wuhan much lower today?

Informed of the internet exposure of the high SO2 level in Wuhan, Han Zheng and Sun Chunlan issued an order to sort out the crematoria within 24 hours.

The bio-chemical troop of the People’s Liberation Army was immediately dispatched to reform all crematoria in Wuhan. SO2-reducing devices are installed. Incinerators are replaced by gasifiers, as once used by Hilter’s Nazi. Now the crematoria can vaporise a dead body instantly with limited SO2 detected.

Besides Wuhan, the CCP also ordered to solve the SO2 issue in other cities and provinces with severe epidemic conditions such as Beijing, Chongqing, Anhui and Shanghai.

How does the CCP hide true information about the epidemic?

In Wuhan, Anhui and Shanghai, the CCP has further tightened internet control. Specifically, it enforces three bans for sharing the information about the epidemic conditions:

1. Ban discussion and dissemination of any information about infected patients.

2. Ban sending epidemic-related information to overseas.

3. Ban foreign press from acquiring any information about the epidemic regions.

What effects are expected for the Chinese people?

The CCP could choke to death the people in the epidemic regions. Subsequent disasters are expected to be much worse than the epidemic per se.

Resting hope on the CCP for epidemic treatment and survival, one would only end up with a miserable death.

To survive the epidemic, Chinese people must be allowed to access the truth, rely on themselves, and be treated by international epidemic expertise and technologies.

Drafted by: Guo Library

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