Wuhan Covid-19: CCP posing for propaganda caught on camera

A group of men in white protective suits were caught on camera in Wuhan doing nothing but posing for the camera with a Chinese Communist Party flag. After the photoshoot, one guy threw his protective suit into a garbage bin on the street.

In addition to the fake propaganda photo shoot, the waste of the protective suits is shocking due to its shortage.

It seems that there was enough protective suits for propaganda photoshoot, but not enough suits for doctors or nurses who need them the most.

The communist party always puts itself first above all human lives.

A man’s voice in the video:

Look. They are about to pose for pictures. Actually, they came here every day just to take pictures. Look, they have a (Communist) Party’s flag with them.

They are in their position now (for group pictures). There are quite a few of them.

See that red car? They are taking off their (white) suits. These are protective suits but only for taking pictures! Look, a suit was used to wipe their car.

Look at that guy. He threw his protective suit in a garbage bin.

The photoshoot was done. They all got into their cars and left. There are four cars in total.

People were seen using raincoats for protection

[Please feel free to download and redistribute the video]

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Feb. 12, 2020