We cannot afford another Li Wen Liang

Photo by Peter Feghali on Unsplash

We cannot afford to have another honest soul tortured
Just because they let out the ugly truth without falter
We cannot afford to declare another person dead later
Just to ensure that the regime would prosper

We cannot afford another funeral
We cannot afford another soul
Hailed as a martyr
By those who rule from above

We cannot allow the brave to face ridicule
For their courage to tell the truth
We cannot afford to remain indifferent
For we would become an accomplice

We cannot afford to measure our growth
Through the production of steel and cement
Through the might of an army
And allow the regime to give us false pride

We cannot afford to get up and sing
Along to the regime’s propaganda leaflets
We cannot afford to blindly critique those who resist
Just because their demands are not yet of our interest

We cannot afford to be indulged in deception
By another tale from their disinformation
We cannot afford to be ignorant
And ignore voices that are deviant

We cannot afford to return to our comfort zone
After suffering alone
We cannot be naïve enough to hold the conviction
That submitting would bring you to salvation

We cannot afford to tease
Those who are braver than thee
For we would need their example
To teach those on the throne to fear the people

Source: Kai Chi Leung’s Facebook

Editor:【GM31】 Contributor:【GM02】

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