CCP suspending transactions for fever and cough medicines, but WHY?

Author: VOG-Translation-Team, TheMandarin

As the spread of the novel coronavirus continues, local governments in China start to adopt more and more drastic measures to fight the epidemic. 

The City of Xian Lin in Hubei province published an announcement recently, claimed that “in order to strengthen management of patients with fever, cough, the city’s market monitor administration made an emergency announcement that all drug stores in the city need to suspend all transactions of fever drugs, coughing drugs and etc. to the local citizens. Any citizens with the symptoms above, should go the hospitals and seek treatment.” (As shown in the following picture). 

However, such drastic measures are not just limited to the City of Xian Lin in Hubei province, other places such as Hangzhou, Tianjin, and Guangzhou all implemented similar measures, stopping citizens from going to drug stores and purchase coughing and fever drugs. (As shown in the following pictures). 

It’s a fact that hospitals in China are completely packed, there are no beds and there are not enough doctors and nurses. In fact, hospitals in Wuhan just sent out SOS today on Feb 11th 2020 and asked for help from the general public to donate all kinds of medical supplies to the hospitals. Furthermore, the recent death of dr. Li, Wenliang which was caused by coronavirus infection, showed us that doctors in the frontlines seriously lack any sort of protection. 

In addition, many videos that emerged recently showing the temporary hospitals in Wuhan that were converted from stadiums and convention centers, are nothing but cross-infection nightmares. Inside these buildings, there is absolutely zero quarantine, suspected patients’ beds are less than 3 feet from one another. All of the facts above showed us that there are no doctors and no beds for patients of all kinds in China. 

As a result, if a person has normal fever or cough, and go to a hospital, the only outcome will be cross-infection, and if you get cross infected, death is the only thing awaits. 

So, the million-dollar question is why is the CCP stopping drug stores to sell fever drugs and cough drugs? We all know the cough and fever drugs have zero effect on the novel coronavirus, such action seems very bizarre and out of the ordinary. Though the CCP is very corrupt and evil, they never take action with no reason, thus let us dig deeper. 

First, we need to understand a basic current background, as of now, the entire country does not have any nucleic acid test available, it’s too expensive and it takes too long, so the easiest way for CCP to curb the spread of the virus is to quarantine anyone who shows any symptoms, e.g. fever and cough. 

Now, many cities in China have set up body temperature measure booths all over the city, and many citizens are being tested, as soon as someone shows any symptoms, he or she will be quarantined. However, the entire Chinese population is aware that all the hospitals are full, there are no beds, neither doctors, so no one wants to go to the hospital and the temporary ones. Therefore, the smart way is to take fever drug and coughing drug to suppress these symptoms, so people won’t be taken away. 

But here is the tricky part, what if one of these patients does carry the Wuhan virus, and the early-stage symptom such as fever or cough is only suppressed because of fever and cough drugs? If this potential patient is not quarantined, he or she can infect many more healthy citizens. 

As a result, the safe bet from the government’s perspective is to temporarily ban the sales of fever and cough drugs, so that people will not be able to hide these symptoms, then they will be taken to the quarantine zone immediately. This is why many local governments stopped the sales of fever and cough drug, the purpose is to quarantine any suspected patients. 

Unfortunately, the bad news does not stop here, quarantining suspected patients is also a profitable business. Right now, any quarantine sites (not a hospital), meaning it could be one of those converted stadiums or convention centers, it cost the potential patient 200 yuan per night (approx. $28.72). So, if there are 400 quarantined patients inside a stadium, it will generate 80,000 yuan (approx. $11,487) per night. This is a very profitable business, given that these suspected patients are not provided with any medical staff, medicines or food. The staffs working in these converted hospitals are merely caretakers, they are not trained doctors or nurses, as a result, the operating expenses of these quarantine sites are very low. 

Though the action of a temporary ban on fever and cough drugs seems baffling at first, when we dig deeper, this outcome happened because of an incompetent and corrupt government called CCP. Now, there is no doubt that the only way for the Chinese people to stop dying is for the Chinese government to accept foreign aids, especially countries such as the US that has some of the best doctors and medicines in the world. In addition, CCP must take down its internet firewall, so the world can understand the true nature of the novel coronavirus aka Covid-19, and treat this virus effectively, we must stop wasting time because millions of innocent Chinese lives are on the line!

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Feb. 12, 2020