Virus-bound China (III)

Video 1: 300 students from Tongji Medical College Nursing Department collectively pray for candles unless they support Wuhan

They are all girls in Cardamom

They haven’t graduated yet

They do not have any clinical experience and emergency experience

The government says they are the future of the motherland

In fact, they are victims of government

It’s all because they are grassroots children

Video 2: The offspring of Red drives a supercar in New York to cheer for Wuhan!

Their cars are full of long New York streets

They have more money in a car than a family

They never need labor or risk

They also do n’t need to work hard to learn any knowledge or skills

They knew since childhood

They can take over China when they grow up

Billions of slaves make money for them

Source: Network

Report: Bai Ye

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