New Preventive Measures Prone to Loopholes, Due to Overreliance on Self-Imposed Measures

Hong Kong – According to Apple Daily, the effectiveness of the “14-day compulsory quarantine” in curbing transmission of the deadly Coronavirus in Hong Kong has been severely questioned, as the only requirements for people in quarantines are to wear a surgical mask when going out; to pay attention to body temperature and to answer random interview phone calls. There are no mention of staying in isolation for 14 days, nor “mandatory quarantine” or “quarantine” at all.

The Director of the Centre for Infections and Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong, Dr Ho Pak-leung, pointed out that the latest preventive measures announced by Carrie Lam administration were falling far behind many other international cities. The compulsory quarantine was a self-imposed measure and relied heavily on travelers’ self-discipline. Besides, penalties were vague and lenient, which could hardly deter those who willfully hide their travel history and coronavirus-related medical conditions.

Sources: Apple Daily, Facebook

Editort:【GM31】 Contributor:【GM02】

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