Brother Rain interprets CCP’s front page News— People’s Daily February 10th, 2020 (Headlines Translation)

1. Xi Jinping congratulates the 33rd summit of the African Union

President Xi Jinping warmly congratulated African countries and people by calling the 33rd summit of the African Union held in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. 

2. Li Keqiang went to the Institute of pathogen biology of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to study the prevention and control of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic.

3. Li Keqiang made a phone call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Upon request, Premier o State Council Li Keqiang made a phone call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on February 9 and exchanged views with her on prevention and control of the 2019-nCoV epidemic. 

4. We shall see the rainbow after the storm-Foreign companies in China are actively supporting China’s battle against the epidemic  

5. Africa is determined to hold onto its goodwill towards China—written by Mwangi Wajira

6. Sun Chunlan led the central guidance group to Huanggang, Hubei province, to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures marked by “medical treatments for all patients who meet our criteria.” 

7. Huoshenshan (Mountain Vulcan) Hospital started to provide medical treatments to patients infected with 2019-nCoV. 

8. Wuhan’s largest “mobile cabin hospital” is operating orderly.

Translation of Headlines of People's Daily February 10th, 2020.

9. Shoulder the responsible and write our original commitments to the party at the front line of our battle against the epidemic.

10. Protect the health of the people bearing the emotion of “Family-country” in mind.

11. Fight up to the end! Fight with valor and fight together!

12. Resolutely win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control.

Author & Translator: GM34(Brother Rain)

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Feb. 10, 2020