HK PPRB Officers Takes Video of Journalists, Hinders Press’ Reporting

Since June 2019 in Hong Kong, police’s suppression of journalists has worsened, with frontline police officers losing their temper and shouting insults at reporters becoming a routine.

Be it intentionally or unintentionally, police officers shone strong beams of lights at reporters and created extended police cordons to hinder reporters’ work. Intercepting and arresting reporters happened regularly. In many protest occasions, frontline officers accused that “those holding cameras are dangerous.”

During the residents’ meeting and rally in Fo Tan on February 9, in addition to their usual gear, reporters found that media liaison officers were holding cameras. During an interception at Shan Mei Street, riot police urged liaison officers to record the happenings, shouting “keep a record of these so-called reporters.”

The role of media liaison officer is actually to coordinate between the frontline police officers and reporters in order to facilitate the work on both sides.

Ironically, the presence of the liaison officers, with camera on their hands to record the appearance of reporters on the scene, is nothing but increasing tension and hindering press freedom.

Source: City Broadcasting Channel

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 13, 2020