Severe Shortage of Masks in Hong Kong; Mainland Chinese Bidding Masks at All Costs

Editor’s Note: During this tough period, many purchasing agents told the media that Mainland Chinese had paid South-east Asia manufacturers much higher prices to buy as many masks as possible, and later they could resell at even higher prices in order to take advantage of the current situation; On the other hand, the HKSAR government sent out purchasing contracts with harsh terms, including “the lowest bid wins”, to various suppliers when there is a global shortage of masks. Can you believe such an impractical way could buy any mask for desperate Hongkongers?

Even as the supply of surgical masks grows scarcer by the day, the Hong Kong government has turned a blind eye to citizens’ urgent needs for face masks. So, many heartful purchasing agents decided to put aside profit-making and prioritize citizen’s need upon this desperate time. They utilized their business networks to contact manufacturers and wholesalers to search for a consistent supply of surgical masks for Hong Kong citizens.

A Hong Kong purchasing agent had ordered surgical masks from a Korean manufacturer and quickly paid the sum in full in order to secure the stock. However, when the shipment had arrived at Incheon port and was getting ready to be delivered to Hong Kong, a mob of mainland Chinese attempted to redirect the shipment to Mainland China by claiming ownership over it. Fortunately, the Hong Kong agent was cautious enough and was at the scene and was able to stop it.

In these desperate times, we, Hongkongers, should unite as one. Please support those agents investing their time and efforts for the sake of the people of Hong Kong; or if you have the time, comment on their Facebook pages to encourage them.

Excerpt: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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