Brother Rain interprets CCP front page news—People’s Daily February 8th 2020

Last Update: February 9th, 2020.

1. Xi Jinping made a phone call to US President Trump

Upon request, President Xi Jinping made a phone call to the United States President Trump on February 7th. Xi Jinping stressed that since the outbreak of the 2019-nCoV, the Chinese government and people are doing their best to battle this epidemic. With national mobilization, full deployment, rapid response, we took the most comprehensive and most stringent prevention and control measures and started a people’s war on epidemic prevention and control. Progress is being made, and we are fully confident and capable of defeating this epidemic. China’s long-term positive economic trends will not change. 

Xi pointed out that China not only protects the life safety and health of the Chinese people, but also protects the life safety and health of the world. In an open, transparent and responsible manner, we communicated to WHO and relevant countries and regions, including the United States, and invited experts from WHO and other organizations to visit Wuhan. China stands on the first line on the prevention and control of this epidemic. Our timely, decisive and forceful measures have been fully recognized and highly valued by WHO and many countries. 

Xi pointed out that China and the United States should maintain their communications on the epidemic prevention and control. I applaud Mr President for his many positive comments on China’s efforts in prevention and control and I am grateful to the American community for providing material donations. Epidemic diseases require a coordinated response from all countries. Our work on the epidemic prevention and control is at a critical stage. WHO has repeatedly called for all countries not to overreact from a professional perspective. It is hoped that the United States will calmly assess the epidemic situation and rationally formulate and adjust countermeasures.The two sides should maintain our communications, strengthen coordination, and work together for the prevention and control of this epidemic.

Trump said the United States fully supports China’s fight against the 2019-nCoV; it is willing to send experts to China, and in various other ways to provide assistance to China.   It is impressive that the Chinese side has built a specialized hospital in a very short period of time, which fully demonstrates the excellent organization and coping ability of the Chinese side. I believe that under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese people will undoubtedly be able to achieve a victory against the epidemic. The US is confident in China’s economic development. The United States will view and respond to the outbreak with a calm attitude and is willing to maintain communication and cooperation with China through bilateral and WHO channels.

Xi Jinping stressed that not long ago, the two sides have signed the first phase of economic and Trade Agreement. Such an agreement between China and the United States is beneficial to China, to the United States, and to the world’s peace and prosperity. This shows that, despite some differences, the two sides can always find a mutually acceptable solution through dialogue and consultation, in the spirit of equality and mutual respect. We hope that the US side earnestly implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state, adhere to the overall tone of coordination, cooperation and stability, and promote the development of Sino-US relations in the New Year on the right track. 

Trump said that the United States is ready to work with China to implement the agreement and jointly promote bilateral relations. 

The two heads of State agreed to continue to maintain close communication through various means.

Comments: On January 27th President Trump said the US is ready to provide assistance to China, which is four days after the Wuhan Blockade; however, the CCP not only refused International aid at that time; on the contrary, they have been pressuring WHO and UN leaders to publicly exalt CCP’s effective measures in mitigating this CCP-made-humanitarian crisis. “BGY plan + grand propaganda strategy” is CCP’s typical method in resolving emergencies. The CCP’s priority is to cover up the truth, according to Indian Scientists, 2019-nCoV  is a human-made virus; therefore, any evidence liking the creation of this virus to CCP Kleptocrats must be destroyed and should never be exposed to the foreign experts. Secondly, the CCP wanted to highlight its self-boasted institutional advantage of “being able to concentrate forces on major tasks” in dealing with emergencies; therefore, it creates a platform for CCP Kleptocrats to practice gesture politics, portray themselves as capable leaders in getting the toughest job done so that they will be remembered as “great saviors” by the Chinese people and the entire world (by winning the title of “firefighter” Wang Qishan’s political career greatly benefited from “SARS” in 2003). Following this mindset, you probably can understand why CCP resolutely refused international aid ever since the outbreak of this deadly virus.

However, when looking back at modern history, whenever China and Chines people are in great danger, international support played an indispensable role in helping China overcome the difficulties. Even during CCP’s ruling period, for instance, in the 1970s, industrial democracies led by the US helped to rebuild China via technology transfer, FDI, and market-open-up, which laid the foundations for China’s economic rise-up in the 21st century. This not only saved Chinese people from starving but also prevented CCP from collapsing like the Soviet Union. However, the CCP tend to forget all about this, it is behaving more and more like the “snake” in the fable “Snake and the Farmer”: it is using its foreign reserves (the CCP accumulated this money from its unfair trade with the US) to infiltrate industrial democracies using its evil BGY plan, it is brainwashing the Chinese people by portraying the US as a “global trouble maker,” This time when faced with the outbreak of this CCP-made-virus, the CCP is even spreading rumors through Weichat that the US was the “black hand” behind the scene. In this regard, the CCP-US relations should be defined as “the snake and the farmer,” in which the US is the farmer who picked up the frozen snake (the CCP) and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life; however, the farmer got poisoned and died. Unfortunate story. As you can see, the CCP Kleptocrats are killing the Chinese people using this CCP-made-virus; that is why the CCP is a complete mafia group; it functions as a terrorist organization. That is why this snake should be destroyed, or it is going to poison the entire western civilization. 

2. Han Zheng made a phone call to Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat

Han Zheng, standing member of Politburo CCP Central Committee, vice premier of state council made a phone call to Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat. 

Han Zheng said that in the face of the the 2019-nCoV epidemic, President Xi Jinping has personally sent out commands and made deployments, while Premier Li Keqiang has put forward the work requirements, the CCP and the Chinese government have put people’s lives and health in the first place and is nervously and orderly doing our work. We are confident and capable of winning our battle against the prevention and control of this epidemic. Public health events are a common challenge facing the world, and China will continue to vigorously develop international cooperation. Singapore has provided funds, testing kits, and medical supplies to help China, China would like to express gratitude for this. China is willing to strengthen cooperations with the Singapore and work together to improve the our abilities in battling this epidemic. 

Heng Swee Keat expressed support and appreciation to China for taking resolute measures, and expressed full confidence in China’s victory over the epidemic. He also said that Singapore is ready to work side by side with China to provide much-needed medical aid.  

The two sides agreed to include joint response to public health emergencies in a new round of bilateral cooperation mechanism meetings. 

Comments: Here comes another CCP Kleptocrat-Han Zheng. Miles Kwok has said that Singapore has “been pushed onto the ground” by CCP; it is already under CCP’s influence, therefore stay vigilant! 

3. Policy coordinations to help epidemic prevention and control

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article:

According to Deputy Minister of Finance Yu Weiping’s introduction, up until February 6th ,all financial departments at all levels have arranged a total amount of 66.74 billion RMB special funds for the epidemic prevention and control. The People’s Bank has set up a special loam totaling 300 billion RMB to provide low-cost loans funds, through national and local banking networks in Hubei province and other key provinces, to provide preferential rate credit support focusing on key enterprises specialized in the the production, transportation and sales of medical supplies and basic necessities. The central government subsidizes loans at 50% of the actual interest rate received by enterprises, ensuring that the actual financing cost of enterprises is less than 1.6%. Yu Weiping said, industries such as transportation, catering, accommodation, tourism, express delivery, Civil Aviation have been affected by the epidemic, therefore tax concessions shall be provided to help those enterprises overcome difficulties. 

How does the epidemic affect China’s economy and financial markets? Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China and director of the foreign exchange administration, said the impact of the epidemic on China’s economy is temporary, China’s economy has strong toughness and strong potential, the long-term good, high-quality growth fundamentals will not change because of this short outbreak. In response to the epidemic, quite beyond the public’s expectations, the central bank has carried out several open market operations and issued liquidities totaling 1.7 trillion RMB in two days time, meanwhile strengthening financial support for the epidemic prevention and control. 

Small and micro enterprises, private enterprises because of their relatively weak anti-risk abilities, are more vulnerable to the impact of the epidemic. Zhou Liang, vice chairman of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission  introduced that banks and insurance institutions have taken a variety of measures to help enterprises to overcome the temporary difficulties. Many large banks and joint-stock banks in Hubei province have cut 0.5% on their loan interest rates for small and micro enterprises and have increased amount of special loans for Small and micro enterprises. 

Comments: If you take a look at CVs of Zhou Liang and Pan Gongsheng, you will figure out that they are mini-Kleptocrats, because they are from the same faction inside CCP with Wang Qishan being the “godfather”(the CCP should be understood as mafia or a terrorist group, I therefore use this word). Both of them are Wang Qishan’s hatchet man: Zhou Liang was Wang’s secretary, while Pan Gongsheng is Wang’s trusted person. These are the people who are behind China’s hyper-inflation due to money over-issue; they have created real estate bubbles and made housing-prices unaffordable to majority of Chinese people; they have turned Chinese stock market into a nightmare when trillions of dollars from middle-class families were obliterated during the manipulated plummet in 2008 and 2015, and their financial policy is destroying China’s small and medium enterprises. How can you rely on those mini-Kleptocrats to mitigate the economic crisis resulted from the outbreak of this CCP-made-virus? They are more interested in profiting from the misfortune of those troubled enterprises and may even consider various plans to bankrupt them so that they can take over. Do not trust them! Do not get misled by this type of “good news”! These are nothing but CCP’s “lip service” to cheat entrepreneurs! 

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