Upgrade Social Credit System Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Opinion One by M53:

February 7th, 2020, noon, Shanghai NPC standing committee decided to implement legal sanctions as well as earning you a spot on “naughty credit list” on the following behaviors:

1) Hiding any symptoms associated with coronavirus.

2) Hiding your recent travel history.

3) Hiding possible interactions with individuals diagnosed with or suspected of coronavirus.

4) Refusal of quarantine.

This aggressive decision is a response to the central government’s current decision to control the coronavirus epidemic by creating social anomie, to protect each other and work together to fight the virus. After “counseled widely” – reading the documents from Communist Party Central Committee – the city of Shanghai has decided to reference the method used to prevent the outbreak of the SARS virus to limit the further spread of coronaviruses. The prevention includes: setting up multiple checkpoints in neighborhoods, streets, and public areas; taking action to educate citizens about virus prevention; ensuring food, medical and other necessary supply; requisition of any medical, rescue equipments, facility, transportation, and other supplies (any collected objects will be returned or compensated according to the law). Provincial and district government officials are asked to focus, provide help, and assist those who are fighting the virus and working in the related field. Provincial and district government also needs more in-depth management and record regarding donations. Companies and any organization should promote working online, avoid leaving home. The face value of the Shanghai NPC standing committee’s decision seems to effectively target and limit the spreading of the coronaviruses, promote social stability, and secure people’s lives and their property.

On the other hand, the implicit intention of the Shanghai NPC standing committee’s decision seems like another tactic for the Communist Party to prevent the people of China from overruling the dictatorship and to suppress people by creating social anomie. Chinese power hierarchy has the Communist Party on the very top, followed by the government, and then the law. It’s worrisome to think that the person’s property can be “requisite” under the title of preventing coronavirus. When it comes to the individual who is enforcing the law, one cannot naively assume the best in people. Advantages can be taken via police brutality, revenge or greed.

Opinion Two by jinglechenge:

As 2019-nCov is raging in mainland China, the CPP central and local governments issued all sorts of “Act”s. From the first look, one may believe that all these “Acts” are helping people or alleviating the epidemic. But if you know CPP, you will find that the governments are using these “Act”s to punish anyone they want to punish, quarantine anyone that they want to quarantine, and rob anyone they want to rob.

One newly issued Act from Shanghai People’s Congress shows that any one who hides his/her Coronavirus infectious history or flee from quarantine space will be severely punished and blacklisted. If one is really a coronavirus patient, then the government is doing the right thing.

But one may ask: who is going to decide who will be quarantined? A doctor? Or the patient himself/herself? Or A police? We saw on too many videos that policemen are brutally forcing people to be transported to a quarantine space before any testing or diagnosing was given.

Two days ago, a notice was sent to everyone in Wuhan that their temperature will be monitored daily by the officially designated personnel and will be quarantined if they are above 99 degrees Fahrenheit threshold. But what if a person just ate spicy food? Took a hot tub? What if the measuring thermometer is not accurate? They can say anyone is above the threshold if they want (when they hate that person; when they are jealous of their looks; or when they are greedy for their riches).

Once one is defined to be quarantined, even though he/she believes he/she is not sick at all, he/she has no right to be not quarantined. When this evil Act started to work, the government will use it to achieve their evil purpose, getting all the riches into their own pocket. Many may lose their basic human rights, even to the point of losing the right to live in the name of CCP.

In a country where nothing is checked and balanced, anything can happen. People’s lives are treated poorly and cheaply.

Unless CCP is overthrown, any “Act” is evil.

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