How the Hong Kong Government Failed to Purchase Face Masks

Under the global shortage of face masks, Carrie Lam administration promised to explore “all possible means” to secure supply; however, the action failed.

On Jan 31, the Logistics Department of the HK Government issued a public tender with over 100 pages that is, however, far from attractive: The supplier has to deliver 25 million masks within 5 days once the order was confirmed and the rest must be sent by the next 15 and 30 working days.

Supplier winning the tender must provide 2% of the contract total as a deposit, which would be the penalty for not delivering the masks on time.

[Editor’s Note: According to sources, the Logistic Department sent an invitation to mask suppliers around the world. To bid, suppliers are required to fill in a tremendous amount of information on an online system “E Tendor Box”. As a whole, the HK Government made it of no incentive for the supplier to provide masks to Hong Kong.]

Source: Now News

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 08, 2020