The Letter of Reprimand of hero whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang

On January 3rd, 2020,  Wuhan Public Security Bureau​Wucheng Sub-Bureau​​, Zhongnan Road Precinct issued a  Letter of Reprimand of Doctor Li Wenliang. It claimed on December 30, 2019,  he published “false discourse regarding 7 confirmed SARS cases in the Huanan Fruit and Fish Market in WeChat group ‘Wuhan University Clinical 04’”.

 The letter said:

“A reprimand and warning are hereby issued to you for unlawfully publishing false discourse on the internet. Your behavior has severely disturbed social order. Your behavior has already exceeded that which is permissible under the law, breaches pertinent stipulations of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Public Security and Penalties, and constitutes a violation!

Organs of public security are hopeful that you will cooperate with their work, adhere to the advice of police officers, and cease this unlawful behavior. Are you able to do so?

 Response: Able [thumbprint]

 We hope you will calmly reflect on your behavior and solemnly warn you: If you persist and refuse to atone, and continue your unlawful behavior, you will be subject to legal sanctions! Do you understand?

Response: Understand [thumbprint]”

The English version of the letter of reprimand:

The original Chinese version of the letter of reprimand:

Dr. Li Wenliang died of coronavirus on February 6, 2020

By:【上天造· 灭疫组】

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1 year ago

Who should take a responsibility for the death of Dr.Li ? the answer is CCP …


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