Coronavirus: kids protest school closing; global “market” jamming

Chinese kids were seen in this video protesting school closing. The school in some cities have been closed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Kids were chanting: “I want to go to school.”

People are getting more and more frustrated after staying home for weeks. Protests are rare and prohibited in China under the authoritarian regime. It remains to be seen if the viral outbreak will trigger more protests.

“I want to go to school.” (city unknown)

Shanghai schools to stay closed until at least end of February

Schools in Shanghai will not begin the Spring semester before the end of February, a city official said on Wednesday.

The Shanghai education commission has decided that schools of all levels in the city will remain closed till at least the end of February so as to ensure the safety of students, said Xu Wei, the spokesman of the municipal government, at the daily news conference regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The commission will closely monitor the situation and announce the official start to the school term at a later date. It has also suggested that schools disseminate study materials, provide counseling and encourage students to study at home in the meantime.

Training institutions and kindergartens in the city will also suspend their offline services in February, according to a previous announcement by the government on Jan 23.

Video: Coronavirus related news updates for Tuesday, Feb 4

  • Global stock markets went up on Tuesday, maybe because Chinese stocks went up. (But according to Guo Wengui, the Chinese government can manipulate the stock prices on Chinese Stock Exchanges at will.)
  • Chinese Wuhan coronavirus fake-number analysis. The numbers that came out of China so far have been observed to “follow a model”.
  • Consolidated epidemic updates according to newspaper reports around the world.
Whoever is in charge of reporting these numbers in China has been using this model.
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Feb. 05, 2020