Civilian arrested for going against HK Government’s unconsulted plans for Mei Foo quarantine camp

Riot police arrested a man in Mei Foo Sun Chuen on Sunday, February 2 during a rally organized by residents to refute the government’s plan to convert a heritage site into a quarantine camp nearby one of the top 5 most densely populated residential community in Hong Kong.

The man was sighted at the scene, chanting slogans. In the course of arrest, riot police deployed pepper spray and aggressively shoved reporters aside.

Editor Note: While the appeal to revoke a court ruling which uplifted the Government’s mask law is still ongoing, it has become necessary for citizens to wear face masks to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus. Police officers have also been wearing surgical masks instead of the regular black ones while on duty.

Source: Flash Media Hong Kong

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 05, 2020