Stadium hospitals in Wuhan are a cross-infection time bomb

Author: VOG-Translation-Team, Mandarin

The CCP continues to lie to the world regarding the real numbers of death and infected caused by the Wuhan virus. As of today Feb 4th, the official numbers from CCP are now 20,000 infected and 425 dead in China. But from the thousands of videos that were uploaded to the internet by individual citizens, the reality is grave compared to the picture painted by CCP

The follow videos showed that the Chinese government had officially started to convert full-size stadiums into temporary hospitals for Wuhan virus patients. In the first video, we could see the inside of a recently converted stadium with hundreds of beds. The distance between each bed appears to be less than 2 feet. As we know, a sneeze from a human can go as far as 20 feet, thus the 2-feet distance between each bed is nothing but a cross-infection nightmare.

The second video showed that the China Culture Exhibition Center in Wuhan was temporarily converted to a hospital to deal with the ever-increasing amount of infection cases. Same as above, there are hundreds of beds being put one next to another. This is another cross-infection time bomb,  if one person was infected, everyone in the exhibition center would no doubt be infected as well. 

In a word, if a person is put into one of these temporary stadiums, there is nothing but certain death. But strangely wasn’t the Huo Shen Shan (Fire God Mountain) hospital just completed a day ago, and claimed it could supply 1,000 beds? There are more than 160 different hospitals in Hubei, even when combining the existing and newly built hospitals, the amount of beds is still not enough to accommodate the numbers of patients in Wuhan, we can only conclude that the true number of patients is much larger. 

Since these newly converted stadiums are literally cross-infection time bombs, let’s find out what it’s like inside a formal quarantine room inside a Wuhan hospital.

The news article above was published by on Jan 23rd 2020, which is the biggest news portal in mainland China, showing quarantine rooms inside Wuhan Zhong Nan hospital, which is one of the best in Wuhan. 

As we can see from the pictures and the short video, the quarantined rooms are no different than a normal inpatient room. Each room is shared with multiple patients, and there is no special venting mechanism to make sure infected air from the quarantined rooms do not infect the whole air venting system of the entire hospital. In the short video, we can see the hospital is using a piece of the curtain to separate an infected patient with the rest of the patients. 

Unfortunately, even at one of the best hospitals in Wuhan, the amount of quarantined protection being offered is still at a very minimal. 

As the Wuhan novel coronavirus continues to spread across the world, many countries have started building specialized quarantine rooms domestically, and the US is no exception. Now, let’s take a look at a specialized Wuhan novel coronavirus quarantine room in Milwaukie WI.

The Columbia St. Mary’s hospital, had recently completely 4 new coronavirus quarantine rooms, doctor Timm described that “when the patient is here, the door is closed, and there is actually filtration that basically sucks all the air out of here and sends it to special filters so nothing can get out into the rest the unit” in addition, all the quarantine rooms have negative air pressure, meaning air pressure inside the quarantine room is smaller than the air pressure outside, thus making sure the infected air will never get out. We can also see that each quarantine room is designed for housing only 1 patient, so there is no cross-infection.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the quarantine protection inside one of the best hospitals in Wuhan is still a far cry compared to an average US hospital. We are not here to mock the hospitals in China or the frontline doctors and nurses, the novel coronavirus is a serious threat, and patients need the best treatment to recover. Thus, the CCP must accept foreign aids and put the best doctors and the best equipment, open the Great Firewall, and let the Chinese speak up the truth instead of making an evil law to suppress their voices to minimize the crisis of the whole human being.

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Feb. 04, 2020