The busiest land port at Shenzhen Bay Remain Wide Open

On January 24, before any “governmental restrictions” was imposed at selected checkpoints between Hong Kong and China, a total of 100,000 inbound and outbound passengers were recorded.

With the incomplete closure of Hong Kong-China borders on January 31, inbound and outbound passengers, however, jumped to 120,000.

Under the pressure of the public, four more ports at Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau, Huanggang and Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminals are closed starting from Feb 4. Nevertheless, Shenzhen Bay, being a land port with the largest number of Chinese visitors entering Hong Kong on Feb 2, remains open and connected to China, together with the Hong Kong International Airport and HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge link.

Meanwhile, Shenzhen has confirmed 245 cases of Wuhan pneumonia, of which 50 cases were reported from close to the Shenzhen Bay port area.

Source: RTHK

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 04, 2020