Pro-Democracy and Pro-Beijing Newspapers Unite Against HK Government’s Apathetic Stance

Apple Daily and Oriental Daily are known to be direct competitors of each other in the journalism industry of Hong Kong. Both of these newspapers report news often in a tabloid-like manner, with Apple Daily taking a pro-democracy stance, and Oriental Daily take a pro-Beijing stance.

Despite their bitter rivalry and difference in political stance, which has intensified owing to the now 8-month-movement, both castigated the government for taking an apathetic stance towards this potential health crisis and epidemic, and Carrie Lam’s refusal to close all ports connected to China. They even used the exact wordings to describe the inaction of the government.

In face of an apathetic and ruthless government, even sworn enemies can become allies. Perhaps Lam will be ultimate uniting force in healing the rift and bridging the chasm between different groups in societies.

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Feb. 04, 2020