[China] Officials Get Masks First

A whole box of masks was taken by a government official member while the ordinary residents can only buy five masks per head during this disaster time CCP incited. Then Shanghai Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce issued a totally fake announcement which is translated below.

Shanghai Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce (SABIC) has noticed that the recent online comments of an event, which is about a SABIC cadre moved the entire box of masks from a local pharmacy store, which has sparked fierce discussions among netizens, the discipline inspection department of the SABIC quickly launched an investigation with the Jing’an District Discipline Inspection Commission.

The situation is as follows:

On January 21, 2020, Officer Ni was entrusted by SABIC to purchase 2,000 surgical masks and 150 protective masks at market prices from Hua’s pharmacy on behalf of SABIC to cater to the needs of the field SABIC law enforcement officials during the Spring Festival. 

At noon on January 23, Ni received a phone call from the pharmacy during work inspection, informing him to buy the mask ordered at the designated store.

The official immediately went to the pharmacy and bought 2,000 surgical masks and 122 protective masks. Then the pharmacy issued an invoice on the spot and the invoice was titled “Shanghai Jing’an district market supervision administration bureau.”

In total, 2,000 masks have been distributed so far to 14 market supervision offices and law enforcement teams in Jing’an district for safety protection needs of field law enforcement personnel from January 24 to February 2. 

Shanghai Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce

Netizen comments on the issue:

“I wonder where we can preorder these kinds of masks?”

“Is there any way to buy facial masks for our ordinary people?”

“I haven’t been able to find a single mask for five consecutive days, where to buy any masks in the city of Ningbo?”

“Can I order some of the masks? I would like to pay for the price higher than the MSRP.”

“All masks are gone now, and you cannot find any masks for sale across the whole country.”

“You are allowed to buy five masks per household based on your residence booklet.”

“The masks are rationalized now. You have to wait for a very long queue to get them. It will be another hot spot for spreading the virus.”

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Feb. 03, 2020