CCP forcefully arresting potential patients from their homes

Author: VOG-Mandarin

Today, a 15-second video of medical staff wearing hazard suits and local police forcefully arresting a family of 4 in China had gained huge tractions on the Chinese internet. The person who was filming the video stated that this family of 4 was being forcefully arrested, and taken, near the end of the video we could also see that this family was about to be put on an ambulance which was waiting outside. We could also see a police officer approaching the pedestrians screaming at them to stop filming. 

Video 1 (family of 4 being arrested)

Right now, most of the Chinese who were infected by the novel coronavirus and the ones who suspect to be infected were choosing self-quarantined instead of going to the hospital. As more and more videos started to emerge on the internet, it’s now obvious that all the hospitals in China are short on stuff and severely lack medical supplies.

Presented with such challenges, the CCP announced that it will build a specialized quarantined hospital with 1000 beds in 10 days. This bold claim actually brought some hope to the people of Wuhan which is ground 0 and received praise from mainstream media in the West. However, a new video emerged showing the inside of this quarantine hospital, painted a very worrisome picture. 

This second video which had also gone viral on the internet was filmed by an onsite construction worker, showing the completed quarantined hospital project called “Huo Sheng Shan” (The Fire God Mountain as direct English translation). In the video, he claimed that each individual unit is completely quarantined, but if a patient cannot be cured during the stay, the patient will be sent to a crematorium immediately. In addition, we can also see that each quarantine unit does not have its own bathroom, rather, it appears about 1 bathroom for every 4 quarantined units. In addition, the bathroom does not show any signs of having a toilet or shower. As a result, cross-infections between patients and potential patients are guaranteed, which equals certain death given the lack of medical staff and supplies across the country. 

In conclusion, there is no doubt at the current stage, self-quarantine is still the best option for most of the average Chinese citizens. Normal hospitals in China were already at their limits, and this newly quarantine hospital is nothing but a cross-infection nightmare, given that bathrooms are shared among different patients. 

As the rest of the world are working tirelessly to research new medicine that can potentially cure the novel coronavirus, and quarantine their existing patients and try their best to cure them; patients in China will only be quarantined and then get cross-infected. 

In this dire hour, when millions of Chinese citizens are suffering, the only correct action for the CCP is to open all information and data regarding the novel coronavirus and at the same time unconditionally accept all assistance from countries around the world.

If CCP does not take action quickly(open the internet, tell the public the truth, etc), the casualties will only increase, until this virus does irreversible damage to the globe. And this is one more reason why the CCP must be destroyed in 2020, to prevent further damage to humanity, this year will be the year of reckoning. 

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Feb. 03, 2020