CCP’s Priorities: Party’s Image Over Human Lives

The world, again, is getting dragged down by the Communist Party of China yet again. The SARS pandemic and the spread of the African swine fever are not unfamiliar events to most of us. The recent outbreak of the new coronavirus is showing us a clear example of how history is repeating itself in China. Their top priority throughout this entire episode is how to maintain their authority, instead of the implementation of proper disease control and prevention measures target on coronavirus.

In the beginning, Wuhan officials downplayed the seriousness of the disease and deliberately sought to suppress news coverage. According to one study, in the first month of the outbreak of the coronavirus, references to the outbreak on WeChat spiked, but it plummeted unusually after the Wuhan government first acknowledged the outbreak. It is extremely clear that the most important thing for the Chinese government is its image, instead of focusing its efforts on containment to prevent the virus from spreading.

With the uncontrollable spread of the virus, the authorities were finally left with no other choice, but to implement a blanket travel ban on Wuhan and the neighboring cities in Hubei province.

It is still too early to conclude whether or not such actions are actually effective. However, this episode has shown us how there is very little reason to believe claims and promises that the next time something like this happens, it will be different.

The bolster of the CCP’s authority is much more important than the safety of its people, and the safety of the rest of the world.

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Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 03, 2020